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Synergy of Human Movement

Synergy of Human Movement examines how human movement occurs from the inside out, biomechanically and synergistically. This five unit course teaches the foundation science, examines the anatomy, functional anatomy and biomechanics behind daily and sport specific movements. Simplifies biomechanics, mechanics of movement and teaches the ‘why’ behind movement. The course teaches functional assessments as well as integrative training strategies for the entire body. It explains in extensive detail the foundation of periodization training, examines 15 common sports, providing you with sample macrocycle, mesocycle and microcycle programs understanding the why behind them. Lastly, the application science is taught teaching you how common movement dysfunctions of the orthopedic, neuromuscular, CP/CV and special populations develops, with evidenced based training strategies that have practical application.

This home study course is offered in a distance-learning format providing advanced continuing education for personal trainers. Each unit is available for immediate download after purchase and is accompanied by a course manual and study workbook.

Synergy of Human Movement Course Units:
Unit One: Understanding the essence of human movement
Unit Two: Human Movement Assessment/Movement Analysis
Unit Three: Integrative Training: Understanding the Fundamental Elements of Training
Unit Four: Periodization Training & Program Design
Unit Five: Common Movement Dysfunctions

NOTE: Each individual Unit equals 0.5 WFA CEC's.

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