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Product Image Personal Trainer Re-Certification Registration

Personal Trainer Re-Certification Registration

$ 50.00

WFA Certified Personal Trainers have the option to renew their certification by successfully completing the CPT Re-certification online exam. The exam must be taken within 60 days of initial registration. A $25 fee will be assessed if the 60-day period has been exceeded. This fee includes a 30-day extension.

By purchasing this course, students understand and agree that failure to accumulate enough points (80%) to successfully pass the re-certification exam prohibits renewal. Students have ONE opportunity to re-take the exam for a $50 exam re-take fee. This fee is to be paid in full within 1 week of the first exam in order to be eligible to re-take the re-certification exam.

Once you have called or emailed the WFA office to receive your score, an electronic copy of your certificate will be emailed to you within 48 hours. A hard copy of your certificate can be issued at an additional fee of $25.


$125    before expiration date

$225   after expiration date